Manar Hashmi

Welcome to the work of Manar Hashmi.

There are some things in life that can’t be described with words. There are parts of every experience that you feel and remember but can never fully explain to someone else. Sometimes, the most important meaning you take away from a moment is something you cannot describe with language. Dreams and memories are intangible and yet real. Something can be valuable even if you don’t know why. An experience does not have to be justified. 

Manar Hashmi seeks to experience the world and convey that experience through music, color and light. This website is a space for you to connect with life in the universe in many ways, and in no particular way.

Manar is a classically trained musician and an ever-exploring creator. She loves Vivaldi and watching light shine through the leaves of trees.


Manar Hashmi is a composer and creative person who strives to create experiences that will inspire joy and tell stories.


Manar Hashmi’s compositions have influences ranging from before the Baroque period to now.


Manar is always excited to hear about new creative projects! If you are inspired by her work, please share your thoughts, either by using the Contact form or leaving a comment (comments may be made visible to other site users).